The Rocket Launcher is a weapon that does complete instant damage to Vehicles except to Warplanes and Warjets along with Cheetah. It does big damage to regular standalone enemies (about 200), but it is easy to miss (Even if it's from the Heat-seeking variant.)


The RL has variants.

Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher has a great downside to do a lack of homing, yet every nuke costs 50,000$. Making this weapon underuse. However, this does same damage, and is homing! 


Magnet-shroom's ammunition

Rocket Launcher Missile: $50,000

Heat-seeking Missle: $75,000

A Heat-seeking Rocket Launcher: $2,000,000

A Rocket Launcher: $500,000

Notable Owners

  • S-OP4 - About 3750 missiles in one, in the weapon room. Both variants available, but the Heat-seeking has about 1000 missiles only.

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