"Goo-ood Morning hehehe!" -Greeting

Rolly Roll
Goo-ood morning hehehe!



Good or Evil?:

Good (Evil if hacked)


Wandering around, Billy-bot (as a friend), other Robots


Boot-legs, Glitching up, being tampered


Deactivated, Low battery


"the hero's friend made metal and scrap"

About her:

Unlike Billy-bot, Rolly-bot is kind and peaceful, she wont even hurt a fly, but she is able to defend herself. Rolly-bot is based of Rolly Roll. She is almost the same concept with Billy-bot, only looking like Rolly Roll, not much to say. She Does Static alot and is abit more unstable than Billy-bot, so watch out for her.She worked for E14 aswell.


She mostly Fights alongside with Billy-bot, but if alone, she can be taken out easily. She helps out with others, and also heals them up. As of defense, she builds up walls to protect herself and other teammates. But overall, she's just a Support, she dosen't like to fight.


"Goo-ood Morning hehehe!" -greeting

"*giggling cutely*" -laughing

"Huh?!" -shoked

"sleep mode..... sleep mode.... sleep mode" -sleeping

"ShutTiNG.... DoWNnnnn....... *zzt*" -shutting down



  • Rolly-bot, Peancie, Killer-etta and Cat-Flower are the only Female plants Chillpeashooter owns.
  • Rolly-bot and Billy-bot are the only ones who like each other.
    • Only as Friends though.
  • Rolly-bot is base around Rolly Roll from Billy Hatcher and the Giant egg.
  • Billy-bot and Rolly-bot share similar Quotes

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