Room 20 is the second largest room in the PT HQ. The first being Room 300.

NOT ALLOWED! (Doing it will result in wearing the Block Straighjacket for 9 hours or 4 hour Banhammer): Can be destroyed or raided during raiding RPs.

Size and Activity

Room 20 was the largest room in Building 2 of the PT HQ. It weighs 150 meters wide and 200 meters high.


Bacterial Bottom

The Bacterial Bottom was the home of Bacterial Cie, Bacterial Cie v2, Karune and Mikuru.

Crushe Hell

Crushe Hell was an old place. It was the home of Shadow Calne and Shadow Teto.

Muzik Heaven

Musik Heaven was the home of the Dancing Trees, an unknown species.


Room 20 is 5-6 years old. It was built in 2009. Along with Muzik Heaven.

But the other rooms come by... Crushe Hell was built in 2011, having the place of the Bacterial Bottom.

And Bacterial Bottom was built in 2012, suddenly over Crushe Hell.

Population and Architecture

Room 20 have futurist architecture and very advanced technology. The main inhabitants are Calciumi, but there is also many other species roaming around, such as Small Calciumi, Insect Calciumi, etc.

This room has Deino-like characters... Yeah really, I said that.


Room 20 is the largest room in Building 2 of the PT HQ.



  • This is one of the rooms that most Non-PvZ live in the PT HQ.
  • This room is only in the tallest building besides the PT HQ, Building 2.

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