Sap Tree has 500 clones.

Where they live

Sap Tree's Clones live in Sap Tree's house and in the Boot Leg Destroyers Base


Sap Flea

Sap Tree's first clone. Sap Flea smells like a flea. He launches Pine Cones whit fleas.

Slap Tree

Sap Tree's second clone. Slap Tree likes slapping evil creatures. He is immune to persuading.

Soap Tree

Sap Tree's third clone. Soap Tree is made up of soap. He shoots pine cones and soap. He also shoots bubbles.

Crap Tree

Sap Tree's fourth clone. Crap Tree smells like crap. His smell makes enemies go away. He is immune to Ice and it is unkown why.

Sap Three

Sap Tree's fifth clone. Sap Three is named like that because Sap Three's favorite number is 3. He is immune to peas.

Scrap Tree

Sap Tree's sixth clone. Scrap Tree is wise and intelligent. He shoots pine cones with scrap.

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