Scout 13
Samurai Repeater
Background information
First Appearance "It is unknown when he first appeared."
Latest Appearance "The Most Cliche Roleplay Ever"
Voice N/A
Character information
Full name Scout 13
Other names 13th one, The Unknown One
Age Same as the other scouts.
Occupation Costume dresser, Ninja
Home Peashotsia and Suburbia Border
Relatives The Scouts
Allies The Scouts
Enemies Scout 7
Likes Dressing up, being a scout
Dislikes Scout 7, being insulted for not being smart.
Powers and abilities Ninjutsu, Disguising
Quote  ???
Birthday  ???

Scout 13 is a normal scout, who got eaten by an unknown entity, but seemingly seems to have revived. Was originally controlled by The Zombie O.O, but was given to RandomzSunfish23901.


Scout 13 was a normal scout, all derpy like the others, but he decided to become a ninja, but he was still as derpy as ever. One day, he ventured into a forest, and got attacked by something. It then ate him, but he had somehow revived, and stayed along the borders of Peashotsia and Suburbia. He frequently enters Suburbia to get some tacos from the Taco Shop, and that is when he found his brothers.


Moves and HP

Base HP: 40

Base DMG: 14

Attack 1: Peashotso (Fires 2 - 4 peas at an opponent. Each pea deals 30% damage.)

Attack 2: Staff Bash-or (Grabs his staff and bashes an opponent over his head. Deals 60% damage, and has a 10% chance of stunning the opponent.)

Defense: Taco-su Cloak (Takes 75% less damage for 1 turn, but deals 10% less damage.)

Finisher: Ninjutsu Neinjutsu (Disappears, and does a cliche final on a random enemy, dealing 120% damage.)

Starting Gear


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