I don't see why you'd want to be alive anyway...
— Shard

She's a deceased experimental hybrid of a plant and an aircraft.

At Bloom and doom, scientists were trying to make a plant hybrid to turn the tide of the battle against zombies. A hybrid of a plane and plant was put into development, after a long time when nearing the full creation, the hybrid known as "Shard" deceased. But the seed-packet managed to be somehow created anyway. Upon its planting Shard escaped almost immidiately.


Health: 450

Speed: Very High

Evade: Very High

Damage: High

Defence: Low-ish


Oh look a floor! Oh, now I'm in the floor.

— Shard ghosting into the floor.

Death is life.
— One of Shard's quotes.


  • Terrifying. She gets an odd enjoyment out of confusing anything else.
  • Happy. For a ghost she's probably too cheerful...
  • Tricky. What's she even doing at this point?



  • Almost all things that aren't ghosts


  • Crystal Chunks: 6 or so chunks of a very strong crystal appear out of Shard and get seemingly flung towards the target. Each shard is tough to see/dodge and it deals around 15-20 damage each.
  • Void Boom: Shard compresses herself before pulse outwards with a violent and destructive blast. This's capable of up to 95 damage depending on distance. (It's also capable of stunning).
  • Void Vaccum: This acts like Void Boom however she creates a powerful vaccum to pull everything else towards her before releasing the boom. 1 Turn charge, once charged it can be released whenever.
  • Void Portal: This acts like Void Boom however she teleports to wherever before making the boom. 1 Turn charge, once charged it can be used whenever.
  • Void Beam: An extremely powerful charged beam attack, it takes 1 turn to charge before releasing a powerful beam that causes any opponents even near it to gravitate towards said beam. Anything that makes contact with the beam will automatically take 150 damage, Shard gets 100 of this damage as health.
  • (Passive) Ghosting: Ignores all walls/floors/esc. This can also be used to avoid physical projectiles.
  • Crystal Bomb: It acts like Crystal Chunks, however it uses a single, far larger and more volitile ball. This gets violently flung at whatever the target is and it explodes on impact. This's capable of 70 or so damage.
  • Fire Wave: A massive blast of fire is emmitted from all around Shard, this has an extremely wide large AOE, at close range it can do 70 damage.




None currently.




Physical. Because she's a ghost, most of these can just be ignored outright.


Non-physical attacks.

(She isn't really weak to them, but they can't be avoided so easily).

Shard rotates vastly slower when firing the Void Beam. (This can be taken advantage of).



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