"Show Him Off, Scotty!" was an RP actually made by PT.


  • Jawbreaker
  • Roland
  • Haku
  • Ripley
  • Mr. Toasty


When Ripley the Imp's plan was finished, Mr. Toasty's kidnappers, Jawbreaker and Roland told Ripley to show them the deactivated, taken off Mr. Toasty. So then Ripley did show them it. Jawbreaker snatches the robot and checks the back, then Ripley reveals that Mr. Toasty was controlled by their master, PT. Ripley plugged the robot into a pluggable rectangle-shaped tray with tiny Tank wheels. Haku joins the party, and then suddenly Mr. Toasty turns on. Haku asks Mr. Toasty if he should wants some french toast. But he replied randomly. Jawbreaker makes the room silenced for afew seconds, and they went off Room 298 of Building 1 to their rooms around the PT HQ.


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