Singer Zombie is a zombie that is always surrounded by his fans-who are also zombies.

Him Vs. Plants

He's similar to a Dancing Zombie, but he summons 3 fan zombies in 3 rows: The row the actual Singer Zombie is in, the lane below the singer zombie, and the lane above the singer zombie. He will not move unti all 3 fan zombies are vanquished, after which he will move up a tile and summon 3 more fan zombies.

Him Vs. Zombies

If he can't stop an attack by making his enemy swoon, he's usually summon fan zombies to attack. Sometimes, he'll even uses them as a shield!

Friends & Relatives

Dancing Zombie (Distant Cousin)

Fan Zombie (Fan. A-doy.)



"What you can't see can't hurt you!"

"And then there was me!"

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