SnowCreamImplosive is a character based on the user.

Cuz i'm bordeee



SnowCreamImplosive is a mildly hyper plant, and is very annoying on purpose. He loves pulling pranks on people, and loves ANY type of cream. He uses any type of cream to attack. SCI is smart, accurate, but forgetful and sometimes too late/early to act. He is also very ironic.


  • Cream
  • Fancy things
  • Organized things
  • Mint condition things
  • Standing on elevated things
  • Food


Add your relationship with me if you ever interacted with me. :P


  • SCI is unbelievably coincidentally backwards for ICS.
    • Another coincidence is that ICS loves ice cream, SCI loves cream.
      • The user did not see this coming either.
        • Is this Sparta or paradox? ._.

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