Snow Pea's House is the home of Snow Pea. It is a Titanium home guarded but a laser fence. However, during PlantWood High RPs, Snow Pea does not have a house of his own, but instead still lives in the Ice Castle.


The house, made of titanium, has a laser fence guarding it. Snow Pea himself built it, and it has a ground made of metal surrounding it. Snow Pea has a lab built underneath it, in the basement. He usually conducts experiments outside.



  • In the early RPs, Snow Pea's house was made of platinum.
  • His house was attacked by Garrett and Fruitpunch (retired characters of Professor Tiyak, who was still Klump! Presentations at the time) multiple times in the early RPs.
  • His house has defenses suck as Raisable Spike Walls, Fire Turrets, Ice Turrets, Facial Reckodnition Security Cameras with Criminal Data Base, and Traps (falling cages, false rooms, ect.) to keep intruders out. These were originally used to keep out characters of Klump! Presentations (Professor Tiyak).

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