Spring Melon is a plant owned by The M.E.O.W. King. She is a female melon who really likes spring. She likes spring so much she lob flower melons !

She is usually kind and calm, but can become very mad if someone tramp flowers.

She occupies the third living area of the blimp.

Spring melon


Melon Lob :

Lob a melon at her target. A little flower grow where the melon landed.

Flower Lobbing :

Lauch a little flower which land on the target's head.

Plant Food :

Tree-Melon, lob a melon wich grow a tree on it's target.

Friend, Affiliations

She have a secret crush on Autumn Melon, and she is affiliated with the Cat Kingdom and The M.E.O.W. King. She lives in a flower house in Katown.

She don't like :


Ennemies of the Cat Kingdom


People who tramp flowers

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