This is a really tasty sweet found in Pyramid of Doom at first, crafted by the undead mummies. A recipe was shown, and steak was unknown from which source obtained. Despite using Steak and Carrots on the meal, it's actually REALLY sweet. 


How to make

Aqua cherries placed on a gas can, exploded then placed on them Green Chips and squeezed Sugar bark to make a liquid, then put the liquid on the Green Chip and Aqua Cherry combo. After that, slice some steak and put some frozen carrots on it, then place both the steak and carrot inside the Burning Machine. It will look like carrot toast on it some steak inside. Get the Sugar Mountain, then place the meal on it. Get wheat, and place it on dough. Done? Place everything made and used inside the Burning Machine, then put Magical Barp and Oranges on it. Put on the top some cream, and some strawberries along with mangoes on top. Put some ice cream and melon seeds, then pour 3 bowls of Sugar Vegetarian and Chicken Soup. Use a jackhammer and slam it, then place it on a cup, and put on it 5 eggs. Pour flour and then put it on the Food Sweetizer

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