A large suburb.

Citizens (Add More)

Count Chocula



Places (Add More)

Diamond Ring Restaurant

The finest restaurant in Suburbia, and the most expensive as well. Its the place where many people date.


An underground generic laboratory runned by scientists.

Winter Magnet Mansion

An huge mansion, only WMag and his PEAsants are allowed to enter.

Echo Street

Mangle remains here to give rides to those who stop by. It's the loudest place in Suburbia.

Katown/Cat Kingdom Embassy

An embassy in honor of the good relations with the cat kingdom. It's yellow, with cat ears on it.

Inconvienience Store

An inconvienient store located in an inconvienient spot.

Scaredy Hideout

A very small camp located in the suburbs of Suburbia. It's the place Scaredy hides and revives.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria

This is where many child plants go to eat pizza and see the animatronics. Foxy is repaired there, so Pirate Cove is open again. Adults can also enjoy the show. The pizza is absolutely DELICIOUS, the best in Suburbia.


A restaurant run by Sting Beans. The menu is honey-based.

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