Tanooki boy12 leaf


  • Friendly, loves games. He is quite shy and a bit self-centered. He also loves bouncing on his trampoline


  • His parents died during the First Zombie World War and he vows to destroy all cruel zombies.


  • Anyone good hearted


  • Anyone pure evil


  • Playing games
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Cuddling his five cats


  • Chocolate
  • Cats
  • Good people
  • Video games (Five nights at Freddy's/ Super Mario etc.)


  • Mean people
  • Mint
  • Licorice

Attacks and moves

  • Main attack: Shooting mini balls of plasma at zombies. Takes time for it to recharge.
  • Second attack: Creates massive plasma spears damages zombies terribly.
  • Rescue move: Can create a whip made of plasma which can hurt enemies, hold onto things and save friends
  • Plant food attack: Creates a massive ball of destruction which blows up zombies

More information

For more information visit this website:

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