Teashooter Grounds
Teashooter Grounds City Map
Created by The Teashooter Overlord

Length (Miles)


Width (Miles)


Highest Point

1300' above sea level, the Great Tea Monument in Tea Neighborhood.

Lowest Point

0', sea level, in Chocolate Valley in the Chocolate Neighborhood.

Basic Info

Teashooter Grounds is a very large city. All Teashooters are born there, but many move to Liverpool or London within a few decades.

The current location is unknown, but it's not in the RP universe and not on Flusion, but RPs can take place there. V also lives there, and so does Mag-Pea.

Slightly More Complex Info


Teashooter Grounds is very geographically diverse. It's total variation is 1300 feet from highest to lowest point.


In Teashooter Grounds, there are two neighborhoods, Tea and Chocolate.


The home and childhood location of all Teashooters. This is also the breeding ground for Sweet Teas to create more Teashooters.


This is like the Tea neighborhood, but for Cacao Pea-ns.


  • Teashooter Grounds was established in 1313, during the bloom of Teashooter growth and intellectual activity known as The Renewal.
  • Teashooter Grounds is the HQ of BI.
  • Teashooter Grounds was established so there would be a city for Birdpool Industries and so Teashooters would have a place to run (like they can!) freely.
  • the BI factory is in the centre of Teashooter Grounds.

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