Tempur Pea is a plant owned by The Teashooter Overlord. He is a peashooting plant based on Multi-Pea and Flamzen Pea.

Tempur Pea
Tempur Pea
He shoots 2 peas at a time, shooting 3 types of pea. Look at the details if you want to find out more about this logical monstrosity.






Good, but it's difficult to tell if you don't know him...


1250 HP


1 (Pea)
2 (Flaming Pea)
2 + slowdown (Frozen Pea)


Shoot: Shoots.


He is related directly to Peashooter, is an obscure cousin to Flamezen Melon, and has weak relations to Flamzen Pea.

Detailed Info

He is very close with Snow Pea and Flaming Pea, and likes them (if you know what I mean...) but sadly since SP andFP have been together for a while, he's pretty much screwed.

When he shoots, he will shoot 2 Peas. He has a 50% chance to shoot a Pea, a 25% chance to shoot a Flaming Pea, and a 25% chance to shoot a Frozen Pea.

His Frozen Peas aren't cancelled out by flaming Peas. This is because he shoots Frozen Peas from other games. In PvZ2, he shoots PvZ1 frozen Peas. In PvZ1, he shoots PvZ2 frozen peas. He is not occurring in PvZA or PvZO, PvZAS, or PvZ2C.

I enjoy sleeping on my Tempurpeadic bed, and IDC about what tempurature it is outside.
Tempur Pea when asked about his preferences.


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