The Court is a forum and chat RP created by user SnowCreamImplosive.


Basically, a character is tried for crime just like any other court. It works just exactly like the American court system. If you don't know how it works, read here:

  • Both owners of the lawyer/party will control (proof-wise) both of their characters.
  • Some cases will take place in forum, chat, or both.


The judge will switch, and so will the people on trial. Even the juries (some will stay/change). Roles are randomly chosen.

  • If a person has to leave, they will be substituted for by chosen individuals.
    • If their substitutions have to go as well, their backup substitutions will be present for them.
  • AT LEAST 3 players are needed for this RP to start.
  • A character can be tried again, not in the sense of double jeopardy.


Case I (Forum): J. Ackner (Kiwi) vs. Nova District (Finished)

  • Crime: Robbery, first degree murder of 1
  • Charges: $9,000
  • Sentence: 9 months in jail, community college, $9,000 fine

Case II (Forum): D. Ectoplosio (Doomius Shroomius) vs. Clover City

  • Crime: Destruction of valued property, second degree murder of 4
  • Charges: $45,000
  • Sentence:


Case II: Clover City People's Court

  • Judge: Anyone but me. Remember me quitting?
    • Substitutions:
  • Defendant: Donovan Ectosplosio
    • Substitutions:
  • Plaintiff:
    • Substitutions:
  • Juries: (2/10)
    • Carl/Karl
    • Wikia-Critic
  • Witnesses:
  • Court Interpreter:
  • Court Reporter:
  • Courtroom Clerk:


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