The Elites are of group of powerful Plants and Zombies. They are neutral. Instead of killing. They send the unworthy to the Darkness and Torture Realm by dragging them to the Elite Temple. (only if they don't think they are worthy or did something bad)


The Elites are kind of like Gods. The first Elite to ever live was Zombality. More elites come by months and sometimes years or more. They have great powers. They said to have a leader but no one knows if they do.

They have the power to send people to The Darkness and Torture Realm

The Elite Temple

The Elite Temple is where the Elites gather, and form a meeting. Or to send the unworthy to the Darkness and Torture Realm. It is where the Elite God lives.

The Darkness and Torture Realm

The Darkness and Torture Realm, is where the elites send the unworthy. It is a dark and dangerus realm some only die within 1 minute of being there.

Zombie Elites


More soon

Plant Elites


More to come


The Elites are based off a thread game Crazyzombie168 Iamarepeater made called Kill the Elite Bosses.

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