He is a very powerful Puff-shroom. His attack speed is two times faster than a Repeater's Plant Food firing speed but has a limited range. He is the only one capable of controlling the Puff-Bot and can easily earn trust and respect from his fellow enslaved Puffs. At age 8, he and every Puff he knew were enslaved. He swore to free every last plant from that kind of tyranny.


In Gardeneer RP, he can transform the Puff-Bot to a smaller version of a place or landscape. When defeated there, you unlock Adventure mode, the main mode in this game, and him as a character. Now, you can use his cap as a weak shield. He, however, cannot assemble the Puff-Bot as a character(unless it happens as part of the plot). However, he can still get in and control it.

Puff-Bot Mode

In this mode, his main attack is replaced with a powerful concentrated mass of spores that has a much longer range than all but Acespeargus, ZZB(Zuber Zombot Boss), Shamrock, Shamrockstars, and all Cacti but Bandit Cactus.