A huge army of Isams have entered PVZRP. They are currently destroying buildings, and burning PVZRP, along with frosting certain areas.
Teratornis BW

An Isam.

Not only that, they have been tracking down the main leaders of PVZRP. Already capturing Puffy and CitronFire3, the isams search for WinterMagnet, Ninja Penguins, and possibly others. They have claimed that whoever finds them must report and will be given a reward. This causes a racket & fight between PVZRP characters. The isams start to build up more power, and homes now move underground.

Then, M.E.O.W King was hypnotized, and captured WinterMagnet. Leaving NP hiding in the skies of Ponyville. Ponyville homes are destroyed, and Ninja Penguins gives up.

Next, Puffy and CitronFire3 break out of jail and the isams grow stronger. They rebuild Ponyville, and then grab the ultra weapons.

And then, Ninja Penguins has become a slave. Now stealing a weapon the isams planned to use to kill Foot, Ninja Penguins is the first one to kill an isam, and escapes prison.

Puffy and CitronFire3 then start looking for survivors, and kill any isams. Citizens are sent to temporarily underground forts, an area that the isams don't know about.

To be continued....

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