A long time ago, the PvZRP Universe wasn't anything like it is today. 4 ancient plants, WinterMelon, WinterMagnet, PuffyMuffins, and CitronFire3 (known by another name a while ago) ventured the lands, trying the find a place to settle. CitronFire3 suggested the Marsh, though the others didn't agree. PuffyMuffins referred to the beaches, but it just wasn't right. WinterMelon and WinterMagnet were thinking hard, when they both realized that the plains that connect to the forest was excellent. The 4 plants settled into the lands. Everything was fine, until an arguement broke in.

WinterMelon instantly took control of they whole ordeal, while WinterMagnet thought he should be the one who was in control. CitronFire but his hand in the air shyly, and PuffyMuffins jumped in, wanting to be the leader as much as the others. WinterMelon took control, and the others hated it. The 3 plants decided at night they would kill him, and then find out later what they would do. They all agreed and murdered WinterMelon, just to go back to the same arguement.

The 3 plants decided to split ways into nations. Each plant owned their own nation, and produced plants to live in their nation. More plants joined in, and even zombies! They all chose their own nation, and protect it to this day. They don't hate eachother, not at all, but they still have competition.

Then, a strange person came. Carp, a fish that nobody liked. Carp spammed and bullied and vowed to ruin the universe, but the plants worked together to banish him, forever. But this didn't stop one user breaking him out, and thus many problems accured. Carp was strangly in love with PuffyMuffins, yet PuffyMuffins utterly hated him. The plants could do nothing, it was game over, or though it seemed. PuffyMuffins went to MT. Glaymore and met the plant god, Dogtail. He granted PuffyMuffins powers among normal plants, and managed to banish Carp, this time for real.

The universe still strives each day, and battle to no end. But we live in peace, as we always should.

The End

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