Welcome to The Plants Guide to Survival. The Table of Contents is the bar to the left. If it says "show", then click it to make sure it says "hide" to use the Table of Contents effectively. This book is made by PuffyMuffins. Do not edit this page!

Chapter 1 :|: The Basics of Plant Defense

Every plant has something special about them. These effects are known as abilities, Abilities can be divided amongst two categories, Supportive or Defensive. Supportive abilities are used to aid other plants, as by healing, protecting, or even just producing sun. Defensive abilities are used to vanquish zombies. Things like peas, melons, cabbages, kernels, butter, and even fiery peppers are all defensive abilities. "But aren't peas offensive?" you may be asking. The thing is, what you might call a defensive plant like Wallnut is defending other plants, the defensive ability plants, so it is aiding them so they wont be eaten, making Wallnut supportive. Defensive ability plants are defending the house. So what you might call offensive such as Fire Peashooter is actually defensive.

Plant Food is considered as a power. Unlike abilities, not all plants have this. Plants such as Jalapeno lack this ability to use Plant Food. Plant Food is different on all plants, causing them to have strange powers. Peashooter shoots 60 peas, while Sunflower produces a lot of Sun! Wallnut becomes the Iron Maiden, and Potato Mine multiplies and fully charges (if not already charged). You can go on listing all the abilities, but of course it'll take way to long. The amount of abilities and powers are large, anything can happen!

Chapter 2 :|: The Basics of Lawn Defense


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