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The Ruins is a Roleplay about the ancient world of the PvZRP Universe.

Players will compete with 1-3 plants or zombies to overcome challenges to at the end become the winner.

As a winner, you get a winner token, which can be used to purchase things at the Ruins Shop.

No need to sign-up! Just ask PuffyMuffins to play a round!

Ruins Shop

  • Broken Stopwatch - 1 Winner Token - 1 Use - It slows them down, at least for a while...
  • Crimble Crumble - 2 Winner Tokens - 1 Use - Watch them fall...
  • Gamble - 5 Winner Tokens - 2 Uses - Spin the Wheel to have a shot at winning some swag!
  • Golden Vase - 10 Winner Tokens - 1 Use - Random Prize, but guaranteed to have something!
  • Stopwatch - 10 Winner Tokens - 3 Uses - 10 Seconds to catch up!
  • Book of the Ancients - ??? - ??? - مشاهدة العالم من حولك تنهار.

Player Items

  • Professor Tiyak - 1 Winner Token
    • No Items

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