The Scouts are a posse of derpy Peashooter who are all brothers. They are usually the first to be put on a task, and they most likely fail with very simple tasks. They are also obsessed with tacos.


There are numbers in their name to prevent confusion. Here's what describes them:

  • Scout 1: Derpiest
  • Scout 2: None
  • Scout 3: Childish
  • Scout 4: Addicted
  • Scout 5: Competitive
  • Scout 6: None
  • Scout 7: Intelligent
  • Scout 8: Adventurous
  • Scout 9: None
  • Scout 10: Fast
  • Scout 11: Lethargic
  • Scout 12: Schizophrenic
  • Scout 13: Ninja


Scouts 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12

Scout 7

Scout 13




  • Scout 7 wasn't always smart. He was mutated into a Plasma Pea.
  • They have a secret taco stash.
  • Scout 12 sees everything as a taco and bugs Scout 7 by calling him a "Blue Taco".
  • They created the Ultra-Supreme Mega Spicy Tacky Khaki Taco Taco.
  • Scout 13 died.
    • Unlike the other Scouts (like Scout 3 (from Roleplay 4D) and Scout 7), this is most likely permanent.
  • All of the Scouts (except Scout 7 and Scout 13) use the Taco Gun.
  • When Scout 7 mutated, his appetite changed as well. He now hates tacos.
  • Scout 7 has his own lab. He carries a remote that surrounds him with a barrier at the click of a button.

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