This is Chillpeashooter's Vehicle

About it:

The Solak Jet, unlike The The Solak Tank , is a Jet made specifically for air fights, and if not driven

The Solak Jet
Solak jet
An Example of a Solak Jet

Vehicle Type:



Solak-powered SMGs, Plasma Launchers, Doffus-ite Rifles (ALL IN SEPERATE JETS)


Blinding Missiles, EXTREME SPEED


Rolly-bot, Mr. Hueson, Steve the Sniper, Billy-bot (occasionally)


Diamond Ore Country Defence Force (D.O.C.D.F)

Commonly found in:

No information

 carefully, the enemy might see you and start shooting at you, so BE CAREFUL, ok? ok :3. Anyways, this Jet is consisted of ALOT of strong thrusters, and it makes the Jet almost un-hitable, it also has a cockpit made of Solakite glass, all in all, a really fast Jet, or as I like to call it, a NINJA PLANE , sorry... .


The Solak Jet has three types of Weapons, Solakite-powered SMG guns, Plasma Launchers, and Doofus-ite rifles. The Solak Jet also has blinding missiles, which can make it annoying for other pilots in the air to shoot the darn thing, not to mention it carries also a Basket to carry items from here to there, make sure is isnt soda though, thats gonna be a messy ride....


  • The Solak Jet and the The Solak Tank  are so far, Chillpeashooter's Vehicles
  • The Solak Jet is fomely called by Chilly War Pea "The War Plane"
  • If someone could notice, the pilots have similar traits like:
  • This and The Solak Tank are like in PVZRP Racing! , reasons are:
    • Billy-bot Rides a Vehicle (The Solak Tank) which Rolly-bot would NEVER drive, that being a stiff, powerful, heavy vehicle.
    • But Rolly-bot Rides a Vehicle (The Solak Jet) which Billy-bot Would also NEVER drive, being an agilty-centered, weak, light Vehicle.

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