This is Chillpeashooter's Vehicle

Solak Tank
Solak tank
An Example of a Solak Tank

Vehicle Type:



Plasma Launchers


Armor Plates made out of Solakite


Billy-bot, Dr. Doofus, Bobbler, Rolly-bot (occasionally)


Diamond Ore Country Defense Force (D.O.C.D.F)

About it:

This Tank, Owned By the D.O.C.D.F in the Solak Region, is a Gift from 41E as a thank you for saving them from the enemy., The ones that drive this Tank are: Billy-bot, Rolly-bot (occasionally), Dr. Doofus and Bobbler (Via Remote). The Best of the Solak Tank is that is a BEAST in the Battlefield, but when not used in battle, it makes a Super Safe Ride to areas.The bad thing about the Solak Tank is that its slow, like a Tank, what is what it is, so yeah. It has a smaller, more mobile counterpart, the Solak Speeder, but its still in the works.


The Solak Tank's Armory is , and only is,Plasma Launchers, which Shoot Giant plasma projectiles that hit anything it aims, for defense, it has Armor plates made of Solakite, only found in the Solak region. Keep in mind this Tank is NOT for long wars (example: like a War that takes 5 years), I can be used for long wars, but it needs to be fixed up if severly damaged.


  • This, and the Solak Jat are the only Vehicles Chillpeashooter owns.
  • The Solak tank was originally gonna be called "Billy's Tank" and only Billy-bot and Rolly-bot were able to use it, it was changed due to being "Too Ego-ish"
  • 41E is a reference for E14, Freejam's "Blue team" name in their game, Robocraft.
    • This is also Where Billy-bot and Rolly-bot worked in, but then left.
  • The Solak Tank is the Strongest Vehicle D.O.C.D.F has ever had.


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