Swordbearer on Lawn
"I can just slice you up with one strike of my sword, 'Boot-legs'."




Dark, mysterious ...thing.


Nobody knows.


Nobody knows.

The Swordbearer is a mysterious entity. He is owned by The Zombie O.O.


Nobody knows who he is, anyways. All that is known about him is that he somehow stole this huge, red sword and an entire suit of demonic armor.


Nobody has seen him outside battle, but reports have said that he is pretty darned cocky.


His Equipment

Weapon: Plant Breaker (A red sword, said to be used only by Dr. Zomboss while he isn't in his mech. The way he got it is unknown.)

Side Weapon: N/A

Armor: Armor of Darkness (Demonic armor made out of some black material! Oddly there's 5 unfashionable spikes coming out of it, and Swordbearer constantly references it, commonly stating that he thinks that they look embarrassing.)


Base Damage: 75

Sanguine Strike: Charges up a hit to deal a crushing blow to an enemy. Deals 100% damage to an enemy. 10% chance to cause the target to take 25% damage for 4 turns.

Ripper: He slashes through the target thrice, dealing 35% x 3 damage to him/her.

Bisection: Attempts to chop the target up into two, dealing 200% damage. Requires 5 turns to charge up, though.

Demonic Flame: An extremely huge black flame appears, engulfing all enemies, dealing 50% damage and burning them for 2 turns.

Demonic Darkness: A storm of dark magic strikes every single enemy, dealing 75% damage and blinding them for 1 turn.

Doomsday: The Swordbearer's ultimate attack. He holds his sword up high, and charges it continously until it glows blood-red. He then sends it down onto the ground, causing many zombie versions of PvZRP Characters to appear. 20 turns is needed to charge it up.

Zombie Plague: The Swordbearer releases a burst of dark gas from his hands, causing the target to possibly be zombified if they are not immune to it.

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