The Time Travel is a roleplay where you can go and run around the ages to clear Enemies (Boot-legs and Z.O.M.B.I.Es). Here, you can only use two zombies and two plants. One of your characters CAN'T be used in the roleplay unless I mention (you choose the character).



WinterMagnet's Characters :

WinterMagnet : A character found on the start of the Roleplay

Winter Melon : WinterMagnet's relative, he likes to go during the adventure.

Chicken Wrangler Zombie : He is found in one of the areas. He mainly excavates the large world.

Weightlifter Zombie : He uses lifting as a weapon. Fustrating, right?

All boot-legs (unless reapea joins this RP) : I can't do this but I should..


  • Snow Pea
  • Heli-pea
  • Fan Zombie
  • Singer Zombie


  • Carp


  • Infi-nut
  • Pumpkin


Characters can be used by anyone in the roleplay :

Marigold : She is the main mascot of the challenge.

Crazy Dave : HE IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Jalapeno : Even though being owned by WinterMagnet, he is an NPC here. Feel free to control it!



Crazy Dave : What is this???

Jalapeno : A refregirator

Crazy Dave : TACO! (presses the open button)

Jalapeno : Let's go! (travelled to the stone age)

Chicken Wrangler : uhh can we travel?

Weightlifter : Yea! First, let us clear the place

(A Caveman appears)

WinterMagnet : Who are you?

Caveman : You craphead you got crapped! I will kill ya! *Throws a boomerang, but Wmag dodges it

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