Toaster Zombie is not the brightest zombie. He likes to jump into things while he clutches his toaster to his chest.

Toaster Zombie

Toaster Zombie carrying his prized toaster.

Electrocuted Toaster Zombie

Toaster Zombie being electrocuted.

Him Vs. Plants

He is an aquatic zombie without a ducky-tube. He jumps into the water and electrocutes all plants and zombies in said water.

Him Vs. Zombies

He only fights his fellow undead brain-eaters when they anger him. He usually just hits them with his toaster.


He's not the sharpest knife in the drawn and is the barge-in-without-thinking type. His toaster is his most prized possession.

Friends and Relatives

He tries to be part of Repeater's bully group, only to be ignored by the members.


"I hav da bestest toaster ever."

"Care 4 sum toast?"

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