Treasures are items rarely found in RPs, on special occasions, or by winning games.

Once you get one, you can either sell it for money, or keep it and use it later !

There is 5 tiers of treasure, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the best.

Known Treasures


Use : Souvineer

Value : 5,000$

Rarity : Tier 2

Free Revive

Use: Revive a dead character

Value: 5,000$

Rarity: Tier 2

Endless Revive 

Use: Revive a dead character an unlimited amount of time

Value: 500,000$

Rarity: Tier 3


Use: Souvineer

Value: 1,250,000$

Rarity: Tier 3

Feel free to add a treasure!

Treasure Owners

PuffyMuffins :

Free Revive

Endless Revive

CitronFire3 :


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