Tropical Cannon is a plant owned by SCI.


Tropical Cannon is very fond of things he owns, and certain people. Although, he may get distracted or not get the point. He is very strong, but doesn't really show it off. Tropical Cannon is also very healthy, usually eating healthy things. Plus, he's productive.


  • Smoothies
  • Yougurt
  • Helping citizens
  • Blowing up stuff



  • White Radish, Don't speak to each other very often but both are very alike.
  • Ice Crystal Shooter, Appreciates Tropical Cannon.
  • Droplet Shooter, Both LOVE the beach a lot.


  • Small Radish, SR is annoying to Tropical Cannon, but they are nice to each other.


  • Jalapeno, Tropical Cannon often shoots rockets at Jalapeno because he always destroys everything.


  • Coconut Rocket Launcher, Twin Brother
  • Coconut Cannon, Younger Brother
  • Coconut Sharpshooter, Younger Brother


  • Like his twin brother, Coconut Rocket Launcher, Tropical Cannon is in the military.

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