Twilight Grove
Plants vs. Zombies-Minigame Mania
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Twilight Grove is the place where FPF's characters live. This is also where Lightning Reed records himself for 3lectric H1ccup.


It is a beautiful place, with dark magenta grass and sky, dense trees scattered around the place, with fireflies flying about. There is also a small lake in the middle, where Phamango's house is. Next to that, a statue of Crazy Dave is there, to accommodate his contribution to the forest, by making it beautiful (his magic taco did it for him). To the left, there is a beach and a secret hatch in a part of the sand, which is where Lightning Reed's recording studio is. There is also a deep pit to the right of the area, where Loom-shroom lives. To the south is where Fire Gourd and Bam Booster lives. to the north, Bon Sai, Mana-shroom and Sheet-shroom. It always appears to be twilight in the whole entire area, both the forest and beach, so it was named: "Twilight Grove" by Phamango. 


Here is the map of Twilight Grove.

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