Twin Marigold
The Flower with the Richest soil...


Female (Left Head) Male (Right Head)


(Left Head) Dresses, Silver Coins, Nintendo (Right Head) Video Games, Lolcats, Cats, Gold Coins


(Left Head) Gold Coins, Video Games, Lolcats, (Right Head) Silver Coins, Dresses, Nintendo

Favorite Food

(Left Head) Ice Cream Sandwiches (Right Head) Pizza Hut's Cheesy Bite Pizza

Take turns, it's my turn to throw the next coin...
— Twin Marigold

Twin Marigold is owned by PuffyMuffins, do not claim this as your own or use it in roleplay, or you result in a Type 1 Ban.


  • Each Other
  • Marigold
  • Bamboom
  • Shamrockstar


  • Snow Pea
  • Power Lily
  • Snap Dragon


  • Left Head Is very calm and not stingy at all, very into Nintendo.
  • Right Head Is very rough and very stingy, loves Cats and Video Games.

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