Umbrella Leaf is a plant owned by SCI.


Umbrella Leaf is very shy but idealistic, and isn't afraid to do what she thinks. Umbrella Leaf seems to be persistent in everything, and does it so much that she is a great multi-tasker. Although she seems very sweet, she has the chance to launch someone miles away, but immediately regrets it after.


  • Volleyball
  • Launching things (she once tried being a -pult)
  • Planning
  • Finding out the way things work
  • Visual demonstration



  • Apple, She and Apple love to hang out.
  • Gatling Pea, Umbrella Leaf was saved multiple times by him.
  • Pear, Umbrella Leaf enjoys hearing her stories.
  • Morning Glory, Fellow Oboist. (the cor anglais is a part of the oboe family)
  • Small Radish, Same as Morning Glory.


  • Ice-shroom, Umbrella Leaf is the closest thing to a friend to Ice-shroom.

Enemies: None.


  • She can occasionally be in a very bad mood, but isn't very mean when she is.
  • Umbrella Leaf is 9.
  • Umbrella Leaf is a Cor Anglais player.

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