Valescape is a city located in the Plante Kingdom on Flusion, a plant and zombie safe location. This place is the hometown of Snow Pea, Sunflower and other plants. Its a very vast location and has a lot of locations to visit. The geography around this area is unique.


Snow Pea-

Power Lily-


Sweet Pea-


== Description



Valescape has a variety of areas that surround this large city, some unique and some dangerous.

Highpeak Park- A huge set of mountain ranges, set up as a natural preserve and park for plants and animals alike.

Sage Desert- A vast and dangerous desert not far from the city. Littered with huge bones, snakes, savage plants and zombies thrive in this blistering wasteland, which cannot hold normal life.

Autumn Cascade- Nearby Highpeak Park, this peculiar forest does not correspond with the seasons, it's huge leaves stained with bright beautiful orange.

Sapphire Lake- A lake surrounded by a summer rich forest bursting with flora. The water said to be so pure, it allows rare species of fish to grow and cannot be traversed by 'mere plants'.

Oblivion Chasm- A disrupt in balance of Fusiona had caused this hole to break open of the earth and swallow an entire village, in which only one survived to tell the tale. Life was eradicated in this genocide-like tragedy.

Dragon Mystica- The birthplace of Alina and Lissa, the dragonfruit lychee twins. A sacred and revered valley with wyverns and dragons residing, only the chosen can enter. A mysterious life force in the crystal of the Dragon Shrine allows any of who have been born or of dragon descendant, live a much longer life, close to eternity.

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