"Jalapeno will never be my destiny. But I love him all the same."

Veggiemeat Chicken

Veggiemeat Chicken is a chicken made of Tofunky. She is alliagnced with the plants, but not Boot-legs. She is extremely fast and damage-dealing, but she has very little health. She is very persuasive, being able to convince many to help her cause. She posseses strong feelings for Jalapeno, stemming back to something even he or Boot-leg Blover does'nt remember-that he saved her from certain death at the hands of a much younger Boot-leg Blover, punishing her for being half-pure plant. Her favourite food is french fries. Her favourite drink is something she made herself: Cloudburst-Volt Strawberry Zest Limeade.

185px-Veggie Chicken

Veggiemeat Chicken


She is very hyper, sometimes harshly described as mental. She does have a softer side. She enjoys gaming, and she is an adept inventor. She is often seen comically pecking the keyboard in an effort to play games. It is revealed that she has slight mental problems, albeit being very sympathetic and humane.

Twisted Veggiemeat Chicken.

She eventually becomes twisted, evil, and has her mind fragmented by a poison from the Boot-legs, causing her to be able to manipulate the negative magic. Days before she falls in to an eternal nightmare-ridden coma, Jalapeno, the "love of her life" gives her the antidote. Jalapeno does not posses any feelings for her
Brobot L-Type Battle - Super Paper Mario Music Extended-140865664330:00

Brobot L-Type Battle - Super Paper Mario Music Extended-1408656643

Veggiemeat Chicken's theme

whatsoever, he did it because the plants told him of her real feelings for him, which Jalpeno was oblivious to all the time, and they thought it was best that he save her.


Allies: Plants.

Enemies: Zombies, Boot-legs.

Friends: Peashooter, Hypno-shroom, Crazy Dave.

Dislikes: Blover, Cactus

Crush On: Jalapeno.


Hyper: Increase speed for 2 turns.

Peck: Deals 25 damage.

Flock Shot: Deals 75 damage to each foe.

Instable Mental: Increase speed for 1 turn and deal 100 magic damage to one foe.

Rare Softness: Heals 1 ally for 30 damage.

Negative Zone: Leeches 40 damage in magic from 1 foe. Only available after the "Twisted Veggies" chapter.

Rage Move: Fragmented Mind: All foes take 155 damage and have 35% chance to be petrified. Only available after the "Twisted Veggies" chapter.


"Fellow chickens, the today of next year is the day we achive independance!"
Super Paper Mario~ The Ultimate Show Remix-140952826402:39

Super Paper Mario~ The Ultimate Show Remix-1409528264

Twisted Veggiemeat Chicken's theme.


"You shall not PA-koff koff"

"Hhhi, J-Jalapeno."                                                                        Ignore the pictures ---->


"Jalapeno, there are quite some things you have forgetten."

"My mind-it's breaking."


"You know what? Die."


Veggiemeat Chicken's theme is for her hyper personality and love for gaming.

This is Potatopiggy's Character.

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