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Wall-nuke is a giant nut in the form of a nuke. If he was to explode, he would die, but he would destroy a whole continent. Because of this, he never runs because any hard impact makes him explode.


He's a gentle giant, and he never intentionally hurts anyone. Because he is 10,000 feet tall (taller than the clouds), everyone is scared of him, though he never actually wants to hurt anyone. However, he may accidentally step on people.


He was created by Crystal for an unknown reason. There are many theories why she made the Wall-nuke:

  • One theory is that she was using the Wall-nuke against the zombie invasion.
  • Another theory is that she created the Wall-nuke to destroy Suburbia.
  • The third theory is that she created the Wall-nuke as a friend, though that is wrong, since she already has friends.
  • The final theory was that she created the Wall-nuke to destroy the Cactus Squad's headquarters.

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