This is where the stories of most roleplays with IMCR8Z and Rasengan553


Waterfruit: The main protaginist, who teams up with Infi-nut to go on all sorts of adventures that usually begin with him opening a box, discovering Zomboss's next evil plan, and end with Dr. Zomboss's newest evil lair being destroyed. He also has a Robo-Cone he often drives. Played by Rasengan553.

Infi-nut: Waterfruit's friend, see his article for more information. Played by IMCR8Z.

The Narrator: An unsee character who talks to Waterfruit, often breaking the 4th wall. Played by anyone.

Imp: One of the many clones that comprise Dr. Zomboss's army. Waterfruit is constantly searching crates for Imps. Turns into Gargantuar when angry. Played by IMCR8Z.

Dr. Zomboss: The main antagonist, the ruler of the zombies who is well know for having various evil lairs which he constantly has to build when one is destroyed. Played by IMCR8Z.

Gargantuar: Imp turns into him when angry. Played by IMCR8Z.

Poncho Zombie: The secondary antagonist, a Terminator-like zombie that assists Dr. Zomboss in his evil plans. Played by IMCR8Z.

Mecha-Football Zombie: One of Dr. Zomboss's bodyguards. Played by IMCR8Z.

Football Zombie: The driver of the Mecha-Football Zombie. Played by IMCR8Z, although the character rightfully belongs to FlamingoPhoenixFeathers.

Arctic Trooper: A Foot Soldier Zombie that acts as Dr. Zomboss's assistant whenever he has to build an evil lair in a snowy landscape. Played by IMCR8Z.

WinterMagnet: An extremley powerful plant. Played by, of course, WinterMagnet.

Snow Pea: A character that joined Waterfruit and Infi-nut's adventures quite recently. Hates it when his diary is stolen. Played by PvZFanatic.

E.M.Peach: A friend of infi-nut who helps with destroying robot zombies. Hates being called EMPea. Played by FIZZYEGG.

Pea Pod: 5 identical twins that fight together. Played by AzureAzulCrash.

The Narrator: An unseen narrator of the story. Played by IMCR8Z.

The Boot-legs: A rag-tag group of evil plants created by a man known only as "The Booter", who ambush the heroes. Played by their respective owners.

Imitater: A mime potato from France who randomly appears, as the Narrator says, out of ****ing nowhere. Often breaks the 4th wall. Played by IMCR8Z.

Zomboss's Minions: A collective term for zombies that don't play very much of a role in the story. Examples include Engineer Zombie, Robo-Cone Zombie, and Gargantuar Prime. All are played by IMCR8Z.

More to be added...


To be added...

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