White Radish is a plant owned by SPE and NP.


White Radish is fit, but doesn't move quite often. He claims it is stretches, often being questioned, but he knows what he's doing. He is usually thought to be a statuette by others, until he reveals he is not, scaring them. When he does move, it is often quick claiming it's "godspeed", but this is because of Qigong.


  • Running
  • Silence
  • Sunny days
  • Helping Heavenly Peach
  • Windy nights


Love Related:

  • Heavenly Peach, Love interest. She once helped White Radish out of a depressed, suicidal state, and a heart condition.

Friends: Everyone is always treated friendly to White Radish, with a few exceptions.

Enemies: TBA


  • Small Radish, Younger Brother


  • White Radish is a Clarinet player.

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