The Wild West is an area. It's plot is that the roof from the house (original game) has been blown and sent there. They brought the roof itself inside the wagon room (the WMag clan), and they made Wild West a private city (even though anyone can see it). There is a whitelist of people that aren't in the WMag Clan and it is :


Let's go further...

So the WMag clan have their place there (it's a wagon) while there are other nice stuff in the town (hotels, homes, etc..) They have even amazing stuff under the wagon, which is for them. Also, this is the only place where you can get SuRP. If you live nearby, you can buy through the borders. If you live far from the wild west, in Split-second speed you will find the meal (they can read your mind if you want SuRP). SuRP, Burger Wing, McDonalds, Subway, ZFB are the only resturants there. So keep in mind that no troubles with food. To go with shops : There are some shops which are : Plantpoint, Zont, Splant, PlantWorld (not based off anything). Popular drinks there are Arti-coke, Big Plant Soda, Cola Threep. There are no jobs here. How to get money? Look further.

How to get money

There is no jobs in Wild West, but here is how to get money :

Drop Parties

Once per week, Bamboom goes at the topest part of the area. He starts covering and scouting. Then he will drop the following materials :


  1. Gold
  2. Iron
  3. Diamond
  4. Money bags
  5. Money
  6. Cent
  7. Dollar
  8. Plant-bags
  9. Pent


No jobs? Wait a second, there is! Go to The Great Drag Race, move right, behind you, you will find a job area. You can do every job in the world inside this place. Even though it's size is just a size of a villa house. Every job has it's floor (it's added into the size, not a part of it). There are elevators and stairs, what a cool place!


You can go mining and sell equipment. Nuff' said!

Weekly Giveaways

Weekly giveaways are dropping 150.00$ at each house, it is done by robots, so no need to wait. 

Competitons and Giveaways

There are Competitons and Giveaways here, meaning you can have a lot of work! Just win in the competitons to gain access.

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