One of IMCR8Z's characters. The Zombinomicon is an ancient spellbook from the Dark Ages, said to be "bound in leaves and inked in brains". Originally owned by the stupid brother of a Wizard Zombie who thought it was a cookbook, it was later taken by Dr. Zomboss, who uses it to summon zombies, destroy Power Tiles, and more.

Known Spells

Powerus Tileus Begoneus: Destroys any nearby Power Tiles in an area when cast.

Impus Factorium: Rises a bunch of Imp Monk Zombies from the ground.

Librus Animus: Brings the Zombinomicon to life, making it talk and levitate off the ground.

Librus Cloneius: Creates an identical copy of the Zombinomicon that can't cast spells. Used as a fail safe in case anyone tries to take the Zombinomicon from Dr. Zomboss.

Greetingus Everyoneus: Creates a firey hand that waves hello. Only cast when IMCR8Z goes into the RP chat.

{name of plant or zombie}us Begoneus: Fires a laser beam that will usualy cause the death of a specific plant or zombie.

Bigus Timeus: Causes all zombies friendly to the caster to become much larger in size.

Iceus Levelus: Everything around the caster freezes.

Airus Raidum: A large group of Balloon Zombies appear.

Graveus Dangerum: Lots of tombstones will raise up from the ground.

Highus Gravitum: Projectiles fired by any shooting plant will hit the ground.

Spellus Begoneus: Resets the effects of any spells cast before Spellus Begoneus was cast.


  • The name "Zombinomicon", a portmanteau of Zombie and Necronomicon, is a reference to the fictional book from The Evil Dead films. The name of the Necronomicon in turn is taken from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, which feature a book of the same name.
  • The spell Impus Factorium is a reference to the 1999 PC game Dungeon Keeper 2, where selecting the "Create Imps" spell would cause an eerie voice to shout "Impus Factorium".
  • The spells Bigus Timeus, Iceus Levelus, Airus Raidum, Graveus Dangerum, and Highus Gravitum are all references to the names of various cancelled mini-games in the original Plants vs. Zombies.

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