The Zomboss Goons of Brainliness (ZGB) is one of the groups in the PvZRP realm, who still serve Dr. Zomboss and want to kill plants for brains. The group consists of only zombies, and their goal is to destroy all of the plants and allow the zombies to rule.

The location of their Headquarters is at the edge of Suburbia, where it is disguised like a regular building. It houses all the weapons of the Mafia, however. There is no other known entrance, other than the main door, which features tons of Basic Zombies and Football Zombies guarding it.

Rumours state that they might be secretly allied with Secret and No-Name, and that Zomboss might have already been truly killed, but there is no proof yet.

Group Items

  • Zomboss Radar Model 2087: Every member carries this around, and use it to contact each other.
  • Necrorifle: The basic weapon every zombie in the ZGB uses.
  • Onyx Sword: Oddly enough, the group got some random swords from the middle ages. They only use it whenever the Necrorifle breaks, though.
  • N0-sc0p3 v.1: A sniper rifle worked on by Future Zombie and Noscoper Zombie. The officers carry this weapon.
  • Zomblimp 101: A Zomblimp lent by Dr. Zomboss for use to invade plants.

Known Members

Appearance Name Ranking Description Abilities Weaknesses Gender Others
Basic Zombie2
Basic Zombies Minion / Member Idiotic minion zombies. Bites, and can be re-summoned easily. Can be lured with brains, and mess up any complicated plans. Male N/A
Football Zombies Member Stronger, but also stupid zombies. A usual Sprint Tackle. Has bad aim, like Stormtroopers. Male Plays for the international Zombie Football team.
Ladder Zombie Officer Has many types of incredible ladders. Ladder Banging, summoning ladders Ladder can be stolen or electrocuted. Male Is the most evil out of the group.
Bungee Zombie Officer Airborne officer that steals anything. Bungee Jumping, sending others down. Bungee cord always (comically) breaks. Male The most fail-ish in the group.
Ra Zombie Officer Steals tons of sun, and has a popular Zombook account. Stealing sun, sunbeams Nighttime operations Male Has over 10,000 followers on his Twitter and Zombook.
Noscoper Zombie Lieutenant G3t r3kt, 8/8, n0 d3b8. Noscoping, sniper rifle shots. Getting exposed to n00bs, a 2 vs 1. Male Is one of the best noscopers in the world, just below S-OP4's members.
Giga-Football Zombie Lieutenant A very powerful zombie. Ultra Tackling, shouting, kicking, catching, tackling. Football Zombies disobeying him causes defeats, and also a 2 vs 1. Male Has a very good Leonidas voice.
Future Zombie Co-Leader An intelligent zombie, was once the leader. Creating robots for battle, laser guns. Gets angered too easily. Male The smartest in the group.
PVZIAT Jester Zombie Idle
Jester Zombie Leader Just keep spinnin', just keep spinning. Deflectin' stuff, dodging, Jester-nados. Can get too dizzy and fall off something. Male The second-most evil in the group.

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